"Crafting wonder and imagination through the art of animation."

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We are an Indian animation studio specializing in 2D/3D animation, character design, VFX, and motion graphics for entertainment, advertising, and education. Our team delivers exceptional content and provides pre/post-production services to ensure seamless project execution. Let us bring your vision to life through the art of animation.

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Zee HD, Aankhon Ka Aandolan

  • Animation Director : Vaibhav More

  • Client: Zee tv

  • Animation Production: Weybec Studio

Britannia Timepass Funsticks and Groovy chips

  • Client - Britannia Timepass (Fun Sticks & Groovy Chips)

  • Creative Agency - Lowe Lintas

  • Digital agency - Benchkart

  • Directed by - Avinash Medhe, Anuj Kumar & Swarup Deb

  • Design House - Girgit Studios Pvt Ltd

  • Creative Producer - Swarup Deb

  • Art-Direction - Anuj Kumar

  • Storyboarding & Animatics - Avinash Medhe

  • Animation Production - Weybec Studio

  • Voice Over - The Audioworld Pvt Ltd

  • Music & Sound Design - Pallav Baruah

Britannia Coconut Creme Wafer

  • Client - Britannia - Creme Treat

  • Agency - Benchkart

  • Design House - Girgit Studios Pvt Ltd

  • Directed by - Anuj Kumar

  • Storyboard - Arindam Dutta

  • Animation Production - Weybec

Let's save Bobby

  • Join Bobby and his friends on a wild wild journey through the Indian jungle! An amazing film with a beautiful message. A MUST WATCH for every kid. Again and again and again and…

  • This project is the brainchild of Dr. Vilas Padhye – a teacher, parent, psychologist, and a wildlifer (www.vilaspadhye.com). He is presently Head of the Psychology Department in Elphinstone College, Fort, Mumbai. His family and friends joined in, and you have a truly mesmerizing content that entertains and educates at the same time.


  • Hooka Pooka is a story about funny and tiny tribal people. They are curious ,loves to explore new things. Where as Jack the Photographer is very keen to photograph the rare bird but in doing so he gets involved in adventurous journey with hooka pooka.

  • Production : Weybec animation studio ( weybecstudio@gmail.com )

  • Music : Prayag Joshi ( Cadence music,Mumbai )

  • Sound design & Mix : Satish Solanki

  • Software: Blender 2.8 Eevee


  • Youtube channel introduction video we have done for VIWA FoodWorld.

  • Production : Weybec Animation Studio

  • Software : Blender 2.8 (EEVEE)

  • Music : Prayag Joshi ( Cadence Music, Mumbai )

IMO 2020

  • This video we have created for Puma Energy. under the new regulation of International marine organization, they are showing their firm IMO 2020 ready in this video.A very cartoony corporate video we have ever made, please have a look.

  • Client : Puma energy.

  • Script : Oshee Johri.

  • Music : Joy Sengupta.

  • Voice Over : Lisa.

  • Concept development : Vimersia.

  • Production : Weybec.

  • Software : Blender 2.8.

  • Produced By : Vimersia.

Draguu's Diary

  • Concept - dapoon rai

  • Production - Weybec studio

  • done in blender2.8 Eevee

Muse Wearables

  • here is the video of watch promo for Muse Wearables,

  • visit the website for more details:

  • http://www.musewearables.com

  • Software : blender (cycles)

  • Client : Conzumex

Weybec Shorts - EEVEE

  • "Eevee" is a Demo of Blender eevee renderer, which is base on physical based rendering. we have made it in 2017 but after some stable versions released, and here we are. hope you people like it.

Adventure of TANU

  • A Fun loving short of little TANU, Done in Blender PBR,

Adventure of TANU

  • Elite Holidays,

  • This is our second collaborative work with Moving Blue Animation & visual effects. It's entirely created in around 4 weeks using Blender. Rendered in Cycles

Sonic Nickelodeon Ident

  • Sonic channel ident, Production Done in Blender By Weybec,

  • Client : Sonic - Nickelodeon

  • Direction by Vaibhav More,

  • Sound Designed by Roto Shah.

Tmkeen 2015 Advertisement

  • Tmkeen commercial -

  • Production done in Blender

  • client -Blue motion

  • Production - weybec studio

Weybec Shorts - Happy janmashtami


  • The Day of Love and Fortune, The day of Birth of Lord Krishna A Lover, Friend & Divine Guru.

  • Production : Weybec Studios

  • Sound : Satish Solanki

commercial Ad

  • Project - MotionDrien Promo

  • Production by - weybec studio

  • Sound Design- Satish Solanki

  • Client - MotionDriven

Maruti Alto TVC

  • Client: Maruti India

  • Agency: Rawshark Films,

  • Art direction: Gunjan Sethi,

  • Production By: Weybec

  • Software: Blender, AE.

Crazy Glue

  • "Crazy Glue" is another fun project of Weybec in Blender

Monkaa - Open Movie by Weybec

  • Monkaa is a blue furred, pink faced monkey who consumes a crystallized meteorite, making Monkaa invincibly strong and too hot to handle. Exploring his superpower Monkaa zooms into an unexplored universe.

  • Project Monkaa is a 5 minutes short animated movie, entirely made with Blender and GIMP and other Free/Open Software programs. It has been released as an Open Movie.

  • Produced by: Weybec

  • Released by Blender Institute

YiPPee! Tray Pack Snakes And Ladders

  • "Can you make the CGI noodles to look yum and appetizing?" Oh yes we can!

  • A small collaboration with Girgit Studios.